OneRepublic – Secrets (Chinese Version)

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Key Chinese Vocab (Download Complete Glossary at bottom. Also includes trad. Chinese):

尽情jìnqíng = as much as one likes
发泄 fāxiè = vent, take out, blow off 
无味wúwèi = monotonous
寻找 xúnzhǎo = to seek, to look for
告解gàojiě = confess, confession
真理 zhēnlǐ = truth
怀疑 huáiyí = doubt, suspect 
厌倦 yànjuàn = to be sick of, to be tired of
诚实 chéngshí = sincere, honest, integrity

Mandarin lyrics, vocals, and instrumentals by the TheRemnant.

Original Song by OneRepublic. Download this song.

Download accompanying materials:

Lyric PDF Download    Glossary Download

Lyric PDF Glossary