Kimberley Chen – Break Up to Say I Love You (陈芳语: 分手说爱你)

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Key Chinese Vocab (Download Complete Glossary at bottom. Also includes trad. Chinese):

分手 fēnshǒu  = to break up
拥抱 yōngbào = embrace, hug
疼爱 téng'ài = loved dearly
合拍 hépāi = in step/beat/harmony
挥霍 huīhuò = to squander
曾 céng = once, at some time in the past, before
依赖 yīlài = rely on, depend on 
空白 kòngbái = blank space, vacant, nothingness
藉口 jièkǒu = excuse, pretend, pretext, cover, veil

Original song by Kimberley Chen.

Acoustic version. Download this song.

Download accompanying materials:

Lyric PDF Download    Glossary Download

Lyric PDF Glossary