Justin Bieber – Baby (Mandarin Chinese Version)

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Key Chinese Vocab (Complete Glossary at bottom):

晓得xiǎode= to know
喊 hǎn = shout out 
望 wàng= gaze
初恋 chūliàn = first love
离去 líqù= to walk out
保持 bǎochí = maintain, keep
钻戒 zuànjiè = diamond ring 
整理 zhěnglǐ = put in order, clean up, tidy up
恶梦 èmèng = bad dream, nightmare

Mandarin lyrics, vocals, and instrumentals by the TheRemnant.

Original Song by, of course, the Beebs. Check out his music on iTunes.

Download accompanying materials:

Lyric PDF Download    Glossary Download

Lyric PDF Glossary