Hey there. My name is Ethan. I made this site after moving back to Canada from China so that I could maintain a decent  level of Mandarin Chinese.

I have a real soft spot for China, where I spent much of my adult life. Many life-changing experiences occurred in Shanghai and have molded me into the oddball I am today. I went there a boy and came back a man-boy with Chinese tendencies.

You know the old saying, "You can take the Canadian out of China but you can't take the China out of the Canadian"...or something like that.

China seduced me - just like how I plan to seduce you with these videos.


Photos by: Jonathan Kos-ReadDan Lee, and Ding Zhou, under the Creative Commons License.  A few photos were slightly modified - usually darkened somewhat, nothing else. I encourage you all to check out their works at the above links. This site and its videos are in no way endorsed by these artists.